About Us


We strive to bring innovative solutions that would ubiquitously merge into the background of our healthcare ecosystem.


innovation is not just about being on the leading-edge of technology; it is also about using common sense to discover and apply what is most appropriate for the context of the customer.


Empower healthcare stakeholders through innovative products, services and solutions that make high quality healthcare affordable and accessible for everyone.

Our Management

“We cannot solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them” – Albert Einstein

C Balagopal IAS


Mobilexion should strive to usher in an era of personalized, proactive health care by harnessing the power of IT in order to bring down the soaring cost

Dr George Varkey


We will create an ecosystem in which the cyberspace is your hospital to tend you back to wellness while you stay in your home with your near and dear ones during illness

The Ubimedique Technology Platform for Healthcare; and the flagship product suite, Ubimedique Acute Care System are realizations of our commitment to empowering healthcare stakeholders. We fulfill our commitment towards Stakeholder Empowerment by focusing on the following objectives:

Enable Doctors to have anytime/anywhere access to the required patient information.

Help Nurses to give better patient care in demanding healthcare environments through improved workflow management, effective checklists and tools for communication.

Help Hospital Management to bring about system-wide improvement.

Make Patients active participants (rather than passive recipients) in healthcare by enabling access to self monitoring facilities and personal health information.

Empower the Society at large through innovative technologies that extend healthcare services outside hospitals, thereby helping more people to get on with their regular work and life.